IID Jobs.com, in recruiting Professional Pilots and aerospace engineers who have the willingness to work in flying, developing and making of drones to carryout UAV piloting, operations with great emphasis on safety and security issues. Our specialised staff have many years experience in the full size aviation industry and also in the drone industry primarily from the the defence background with certifications from the Ministry of Defence through their respective wing (Army Navy or Air Force) in training and recruiting. This experience is now being extended to the rapidly growing UAV (Drone) market in the civilian sector.​ It is our intention and aim to offer the skill set requirements that tick the DGCA boxes as well as delivering best employees that are insightful and above all extend the superior safety and security record that the this industry enjoys. This unique positioning provides access to world’s leading commercial pilots, developers, manufacturers and other UAV support services employers to focus on business, we focus on the recruitment.

          ​India has a very few qualified UAV operators who are from the military background (Indian Air Force, Indian Army and The Indian Navy).  ​The Recruitment at the institute will be carried out by such highly qualified professionals who not only have unmanned flying experience but also have manned flying experience giving the employers of both manned and unmanned flying machines. ​We provide opportunity for our employers to recruit the best, Licensed drone pilot for your job done.

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